MATISSE, new Horizon Europe project on Verification and Validation starts

The MATISSE project (Model-Based Engineering of Digital Twins for Early Verification and Validation of Industrial Systems), supported by the Horizon Europe program of the European Union, is set to begin with great promise in this era where recent advancements in information technology are accelerating developments in industrial systems.


Today's industrial systems are characterized by increasing complexity, demanding more intelligence and autonomy. This complexity raises expectations in terms of accuracy, accessibility, traceability, and reliability. Monitoring, analyzing, and diagnosing such systems are becoming increasingly critical, leading to the development of solutions like digital twins.


Digital twins are virtual representations of real-world systems or processes that serve as real-time digital counterparts for prediction, analysis, testing, and simulation purposes. However, developing digital twins is a complex process. The MATISSE project aims to simplify this process.


The project aims to develop a multidisciplinary and automated digital twin toolchain for the automatic creation and continuous verification of digital twins, specifically for verifying and validating complex industrial systems. This is expected to reduce lead times and improve the final quality of these systems.