Intelligent Factory and Robotics Laboratory Digital Innovation Hub (IFARLAB-DIH) support tools for boosting business competitiveness through the use of digital technologies to improve business or production processes, products and services. IFARLAB-DIH is also a one-stop-shop for testing before investment.  The mission is to increase the competitiveness of companies by bringing together in an ecosystem.

IFARLAB-DIH services including but not limited to:

Research and Development: the IFARLAB-DIH provides brokerage with the right institute within CISAR and Eskisehir Osmangazi University or other institutions within the hub for research and development.

Prototyping: Through various well-equipped workshops within the hub, the IFARLAB-DIH helps to bring ideas to life.

Facilities: The IFARLAB-DIH can arrange for facilities such as specialized equipment or labs.

Testing and Certification: Partners within the hub can offer realistic factory simulation facilities. Besides, support is also given for ethical and legal aspects that available.

Finance: Information on funding opportunity. Help on building consortia for projects and on designing of concepts.




BOWI Network: https://spaces.fundingbox.com/spaces/bowi-inspiration-space/61581a8b3c23182eb52e3126

DIH– External Hub: http://dih-squared.eu

Change2Twin: https://www.change2twin.eu