DIH Partners

Support of universities for the development of R&D and innovation capacities of SMEs is one of the national innovation strategies.

ESOGU- IFARLAB’s strategy is to increase the R&D and innovation capacities of SMEs. Another strategy is to increase SMEs’ participation in the European Union Research and Innovation Framework Programs through qualified projects. ESOGU - IFARLAB provides test bed for research applications before technological investment. With expertise and hardware support, better development processes and investment decision can be provided.  This increases industrial partners/R&D organizations to have higher awareness on digital opportunities and innovations.

We are currently supporting SMEs under ongoing R&D projects. Additionally, IFARLAB is supporting digital transformation of SMEs and institutions for various concepts. The IFARLAB’s services are mostly strategic support to R&D and innovation of SMEs, technology concept development/ Proof of Concept, concept validation and prototyping, product qualification and certification. SME’s which are supported by IFARLAB in different projects and activities are below;


Collaborations with Partners: