DIH Service Examples

The IFARLAB-DIH is the central one-stop-shop for enterprises, researchers or engineers, who would like to engage in the field of industrial robotics and are looking for support and partners to develop innovative ideas into products. Serving as the main entry gate to the regional Digital Innovation Hub, the IFARLAB-DIH connects interested parties with the right institutions within the extensive and deeply rooted technological network in Eskisehir and the TR41 region. 

Examples of services for some clients are given below. Client Profile, Client Needs and the solutions are given.

IM-Client Profile: Inovasyon Muhendislik is a SME located at Eskisehir Osmangazi University Teknopark. Inovasyon Muhendislik was established in 2010 with the support of Tübitak Teydeb 1508 program. Company conducts R&D projects on indoor and outdoor positioning systems, intelligent vehicles, robotics and machine learning supported by ITEA, ECSEL, Third Party Funding, TUBITAK and KOSGEB. Company realizes embedded system based electronic equipment and system design, development and production on these projects. Inovasyon Muhendislik aims to take the extensive knowledge of universities from getting dusty on shelfs and transform it to products serving humanity, contribute to university industry cooperation and create employment area. Company’s staff have MSc and PhD degrees.

IM-Client Needs:

Need - 1 Inovasyon Muhendislik needs smart factory test infrastructure for testing its robotic products. Inovasyon Muhendislik is developing autonomous guided vehicles (AGV) and they have to be tested in a smart factory environment.

Need – 2 Robotic experts are needed for verification and validation of developed AGVs.

IM-Solution: IFARLAB-DIH has very well-established test before investment infrastructure which name is smart factory laboratory. Inovasyon Mühendislik brought AGVs to IFARLAB-DIH smart factory laboratory and various tests are conducted by robotic experts for verification and validation of the product. As a result of this study, AGV products are verified and validated to commercialized to the market.


ACD-Client Profile: ACD is a SME located at Eskisehir Osmangazi University Teknopark. ACD was established in 2005 with the support of Tübitak Teydeb program. Company has Electronics and Software Engineers (17+) with expert of their fields at R&D – Electronics, Software development, Sales and marketing and Support Departments.  ACD has quality certificates such as Useful Model, CE, Design Registration, Service Qualification, Warranty, TSE and ISO-9001:2008.  Company is working about Online Data Collection from Production and Productivity Systems, Advanced Planning and Scheduling, Maintenance Management System and Warehouse Shipment Management System. These systems are used at production of automotive, textile, food, furniture, ceramics, defense and white goods sectors.

ACD-Client Needs:

Needs – 1: ACD Bilgi islem needs a smart factory environment for its products integration to other devices in a smart factory. Thus, ACD Bilgi islem data acquisition needs to be tested with various other devices for proofing efficiency of the product.

Needs – 2: ACD Bilgi islem Manufacturing execution system software needs scheduling algorithm for adding more features and provides the customer needs.

ACD-Solution: IFARLAB-DIH has very well-established test before investment infrastructure which name is smart factory laboratory. ACD Bilgi islem setup its products to IFARLAB-DIH smart factory environment and conducting different kind of tests for its product with IFARLAB-DIH devices like robot arm, AGV, middleware etc.

Besides, ACD Bilgi İslem receive consultancy for scheduling algorithm development from a team member of IFARLAB- DIH.

LTG-Client Profile: Lider Teknoloji Geliştirme (LTG), taking its strength from the experiences and knowledge of its founding partners, with its expert technical and administrative staff, at its facility within the Eskişehir Technology Development Zone.  LTG established at 2005. We conduct primarily for the defense industry and aviation sector in software, hardware, technology development and R&D projects. Our projects are funded by TUBITAK and BEBKA.  Our company is a member of Eskişehir Aviation cluster since 2011. As LTG moves forward as a part of the modern world; It contributes to the realization of national projects in the technology and software development industry by making national and original design, superior quality and reliability approach, innovative ideas, and R&D activities. We use ISO/IEC/IEEE 12207 Systems and software engineering – Software life cycle processes for our projects. Project Management, Requirement Tracking and Configuration Management tools are used in our company.  We have Software and Hardware Products for Defense and Aerospace Industries. Our IP Core fulfills all the functions of the MIL-STD 1553B standard. It is configurable as Bus Controller, Remote Terminal and Bus Monitor. Out Data Analysis software provide easy configuration, installation, testing and simulation.  IHA-SKS is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - Virtual Cockpit System with Augmented Reality (AR)project that provides a virtual cockpit for the operator. We have simulation-based Engineering and Training Solutions.  ÖĞRENCELİK is Virtual Avionics Procedure Trainer for Beechcraft C90GTI (civil aircraft) that has Flight controls and displays on touchscreen monitors, an instructor console, take-off and landing procedures included and has autonomous flight capability. In IoToPro we developed cross platform augmented reality tools to be used in production processes of an automotive industry production line to comply with Industry 4.0 requirements. We display data from VTUs, sensors, CNC, autonomous vehicles, display procedure-based maintenance steps videos and pictures to support maintenance and guide the operator on assembly lines by displaying assemble and the order of assemble so that across the plant floor or glance back and forth between a tablet screen and machinery. We also worked on Machine Learning for predictive maintenance of an electric engine. We are currently working on a test equipment for underground power cable fault detection and we are a part of an Erasmus + project Development of Education Modules for Safety Critical Railway Operation Systems (DEM-SaCROS) to produce AR/VR e-learning materials.


LTG-Client Needs:  Lider Teknoloji is developing machine learning based predictive maintenance software and needs a consultancy about machine learning algorithms, methods and implementation.

LTG-Solution: Lider Teknoloji receive consultancy for machine learning algorithm development from a team member of IFARLAB- DIH.

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